artplacement specialises in renting art for the modern workplace, with an exclusive emphasis on Aboriginal art.

Founder Karen Lange, is an avid collector of Aboriginal art, passionate about introducing clients to its extraordinary beauty and rich cultural significance in contemporary Australia. The artplacement collection is a comprehensive portfolio of gallery quality paintings acquired over many years, comprising works by leading and emerging artists from geographically remote areas throughout Australia.

Each painting in the artplacement rental collection is sourced from an interior designer’s perspective for its individual artistic merit, tailored for maximum aesthetic impact. Using highly selective criteria, with emphasis on large -scale quality pieces suitable for commercial environments,  artplacement offers customers a cost effective and flexible alternative to outright art purchase – adorning walls with beautiful paintings, without the major capital outlay associated with acquiring art.

artplacement uses a standard rental contract tailored for short or long term rental periods, depending on space, time frame and budget. Paintings are covered under client’s standard company insurance policy and rental payments are generally tax deductable.

Delivery and installation services are available at competitive industry rates and carried out by experienced professionals.

Visit the artists page to view indicative works by some of Australia’s most distinguished indigenous artists.

Contact us for more information and to arrange a complimentary consultation with Karen Lange.


Below is the extraordinary work by Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, painted near his home in Kintore Northern Territories – a black and white extravaganza, measuring 2000mm x 3000mm. Upon completion of this work, Ronnie commented that he had never painted this combination of imagery before!